Nicole Hanley

HANLEY is a matrix that makes day dressing easily chic.  With knits at its core the pieces fit together collection to collection seamlessly and mix and match to build a wardrobe at once and over time.

Nicole believes that life always proceeds style.  Authentic style is rooted in lifestyle which means the LIFE being lived always proceeds style rendering an inherent practicality. To that an individual must first address her needs in a day- just like heels are inappropriate for a hike.

The HANLEY signature color, “golden mean”, described by Aristotle as the desirable middle between two extremes, serves as reminder to meet the harmony of juxtaposition in color, texture and proportion in HANLEY designs.

The HANLEY coordinates are the roots of the brand.  There is a sophistication that must been addressed as a brand rooted in NYC. The HANLEY coordinates keep our home in the heart and our inspirations authentic to our own personal experience.

The HANLEY collection is wholesaled internationally through department and specialty stores. In the Fall of 2016 HANLEY will open its first freestanding boutique in New York City.